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Our NEW Madrasah and Masjid building, Alhamdulillah!

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Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to announce that by the permission and mercy of Allah, and then with your overwhelming generous support we have completed phase 1 - the purchase of the above building for £345,000. The building is fully paid off – alhamdulillah. We will soon be in possession of the keys in'sha'Allah.

However, there are two main areas that still requires funding for this project to move forward.

1. We now must work hard together again to repay around £140,000 Qardhan Hassanah (goodly loans) that we have accumulated to complete the purchase. We worked together to collect donations for phase 1. Let's do it again to remove the burden of debt.

2. Then there is the total cost of beginning the process of repairs and renovations to make the building fit for our purpose.

Therefore, we have to continue with the fundraising from within the community. Recently, the community responded very positively, this shows that our community is very strong and we can all work together to complete this project.

Jazaka-Allah-khairan for your help and support, without your continued help and support we could not have completed this task.

May Allah (SWT) increase your wealth and guide us all.

We will continue to provide updates leading up to the opening of the masjid and subsequent events and classes in'sha'Allaah.

Please continue to send your generous donations. Alhamdulillah, there are many ways you can donate your sadaqah, or simply pay by PayPal below.

Once again Jazaka-Allah-khairan for your kind support.

Building Project Shuura Team.

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About Us

Madrasatul Aqsaa was established in 2004 and operates as a charitable entity. After many years of rapid growth, we have initiated a program to contribute for the betterment of our community but at the same time contribute to the society at large by providing moral, religious and ethical education and development programs which will instill values and morals to our future generations living in Coventry.

The Madrasah currently operates on a two days basis during the weekends, holding Quran classes for children and young people. The lessons ran between 9:30am to 2:30pm. The lessons also include general Islamic studies i.e. personal development, supplementary support for school work, and general discussion on social, economical and educational issues.

Additionally the Madrasah has been holding religious talks for adults along with holding Eid congregations, seminars and online classes and short courses.











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